How To Teaching Kids Multiplication Tables the Easy Way

Teaching Kids Multiplication Tables: Math is a horror story for a lot of kids. There are many opportunities available for learning language through online tuitionbut it is rare to come across any platform that can help your kids with basic concepts of mathematics or teach them tips and tricks to make it a fun and easy subject for them.

There are many loopholes in the traditional teaching methods of mathematics which in turn makes it difficult for kids of different calibers to get a sound understanding of the basic concepts. Likewise, some people assume that every child can easily memorize the Teaching Kids Multiplication Tables rather than focusing on techniques that can help them to write the entire table even if they forget it. If you don’t want your kid to be fearful of the subject but rather ace at it, then you must follow these simple techniques: 

Set a Time Limit

Energy and enthusiasm are vital for you and your kid to learn something. To get motivation, set up a time limit for say 30min or something to complete a table. Focus on the tables entirely and keep all the distractions such as phone or TV away. Creating a learning environment is a crucial step in effective learning. 

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Teach Them to Walk Before Running

Don’t bombard your kid with a lot of information in a single day. Learning Teaching Kids Multiplication Tables can be a tricky process for them; therefore, it has to be gradual. It is generally believed that a kid’s table of 2, 5, and 10 is a lot more convenient than the rest, so you must start from the easier one like this.

Teaching Kids Multiplication Tables

Easy tables like 10 help children understand the concept of multiplication. Then comparing them with the table of 2 and 5, they will be able to see symmetry in all of them, it will be easier for them to later learn the table of 4 and 8. 

Teach Them Tricks

Although memorization is the most preferred method to teach your kids tables but what if they forget something? Math is full of fun tricks that can help your kids to write down tables even if they forget it. Here are the easier ones that you must teach to your kids.

Teaching Kids Multiplication Tables

If your kid is having difficulty with the concept of multiplication, teach them to add numbers to get the complete table. For example, if they want to know what 4*4=? Then add 4 twice i.e. 4+4=8. Likewise, 4*3 (4+4+4) = 12. The addition is a lot easier than the multiplication and this trick will surely make your kid learn tables more effectively. 

Another commonly known method is Teaching Kids Multiplication Tables through the number line. Draw a line having a number from 1-100. For example, you are teaching them a table of 4 firstly, circle 4 on it, then count from 4 numbers from there and you will reach 8, keep going like that and you will get a complete table of 4.

Teaching Kids Multiplication Tables

A table of 9 is thought to be a difficult one by the kids. Using their hands to write the table till 9 will make it a piece of cake for them. Here is how it works. Spread all your 10 fingers, see what 9*1 is equal to, but the pinky of your left hand down, you will be left with 9 fingers which are the answer.

Teaching Kids Multiplication Tables

To multiply 9 with 2, but only the ring finger of your left hand down and you will be left with 1 finger, a gap, and then 8 fingers, which makes it 18. Similarly, when multiplying 9 with 3, but the only middle finger of the left hand down and you will have 2 fingers, a gap, and 7 fingers which makes it 27, which is the answer. 

Make Them Practice Regularly

Once the kids are done with the memorization of the Teaching Kids Multiplication Tables and know the tricks to find the answers even if they forget them, make them practice by writing the tables regularly. Print a bunch of charts available online and make your kids fill them regularly using the tricks and whatever they have memorized. Practicing tables regularly for a week or two will ease their life forever and they are never doing to forget them.


Math is a fun subject; we only need some tips and tricks to solve the problems. Teaching your kids the easiest ways of solving the basic math problems will help in developing their interest in the subject.